LCBO Food & Drink Early Summer 2021


Go ahead and mix it up. Canada’s love affair with gin reaches new heights with the coveted spirit swapping into classic cocktails and the arrival of innovative styles and flavours.

Gin has received an extreme makeover in recent years. First, the juniper-dominant spirit was rediscovered by a generation of modern bartenders hearkening back to the early days of cocktails, when it was an essential staple of classic drinks—from the spirit- forward Martini and Negroni to the elegant French 75 and Aviation. And let’s not forget highballs like the gin and tonic, and Tom Collins. Today, gin comes in colours, flavours and styles never dreamed of by old-timey gin joint barkeeps, and from countries all over the world, far from its Dutch and British roots. WithWorldGinDayonJune 12, therehasneverbeenabetter timeto be-gin experimenting. SPIRIT! THE By Charlene Rooke | PHOTOGRAPHY BY darren kemper

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