LCBO Food & Drink Holiday 2020


A guide for both minimum-fuss and maximum-effort mixology that spins six different iconic cocktails two different ways; the level of complexity, time and effort are up to you.

By Charlene Rooke | PHOTOGRAPHY BY rob fiocca COCKTAILS OF

Are you an easy-breezy home bartender who favours whipping together pre-made, batched cocktails to serve with flair to a group of friends? Or are you a meticulous mixologist who wants to explore complex techniques, flavours and garnishes for every elaborate drink? We’ve taken six cocktails and elevated each of them for holiday entertaining—two different ways. Using common gadgets and appliances, kitchen hacks and fun techniques, you can explore creating either minimal-fuss or maximum-impact variations. Either way, you’ll have 12 days of delicious drinks to share over the season.



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