LCBO Food & Drink Holiday 2020

Negroni This classic, with gin, bitter red

aperitivo and sweet red vermouth, gets a simple spin in a brilliantly clear variation. Elevate your technique to the max by containing each cocktail within a hollow ice sphere.

Ice-ball moulds come as minimalist singles or maximalist multi-sphere trays.

MINIMAL White Christmas Negroni Clear winners: gin (try a non-London dry bottle), a white wine-based aperitif and a smooth white ver- mouth. Freeze pomegranate arils or cranberries into ice cubes in lieu of garnish. Try with... Aviation Gin LCBO 129940, $39.95 Lillet Blanc VINTAGES 322297, $21.50 Martini Bianco Vermouth LCBO 218040, 1 L, $14.95

MAXIMAL Breaking the Ice Negroni

A little freezer experimen- tation results in spectacular entertaining; contain each Negroni within its own ice sphere, and serve with a muddler so your guests can break the ice! Herb sprigs top off the ultimate holiday

ornament. Try with...

Campari Aperitivo LCBO 277954, $29.95 Martini Sweet Vermouth Red LCBO 215343, 1 L, $14.95

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