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Maximalists: Make the cocktail base’s cooked ginger into candied garnishes.

Gold Rush In modern cocktail lexicon, both the Gold Rush (a bourbon sour made with honey) and its sibling the Penicillin (which uses Scotch and adds ginger) are classics of the new millennium.



Ginger Lemon Chillin’ Adding the Penicillin cocktail’s dose of ginger to the Gold Rush’s smooth bourbon, lemon and honey mix creates a recipe for chilled-out entertaining, sweetly garnished with a honey straw or stick.

Smoking Ginger Serve this cocktail hot or cold, using your slow cooker to create a complex and savoury ginger-lemon-­ honey infusion that zings when combined with blend- ed Scotch and topped with a whiff of peat.

Try with... Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whisky LCBO 414334, $52.95 Highland Park Magnus Single Malt ScotchWhisky LCBO 541649, $54.95

Try with... Jim Beam Black

LCBO 324863, $32.95 Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur LCBO 157917, $50.55

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