LCBO Food & Drink Holiday 2020

Minimalists: Get smoky flavour without

fire from smoked cocktail bitters.

Manhattan Batch up the classic three—whisky, red vermouth and bitters—with a dash of exotic spice for minimal-fuss entertaining. Or max- imize Manhattan’s potential with a micro- wave flavour-infusion and a hot garnish.


Micro Manhattan A quick blast in the microwave and savoury additions of brandy and blackcurrant liqueur create a deeply flavourful Manhattan that’s smokin’ good in a rosemary- smoked glass. MAXIMAL

Festive Manhattan Pre-batch and bottle this cocktail for quick and easy service. Stir in holiday flavour with Ontario-made cocktail bitters like spicy Tawse Barrel Aged, Top Shelf Spiced-Up Chocolate or Nickel 9 Smoked Apple. Garnishing is as simple as peeling a tangerine!

Try with... St-Rémy VSOP Brandy LCBO 110221, 375 mL, $15.55 L’abbé François Cassis LCBO 57281, $25.90

Try with... Canadian Club 100%Rye LCBO 390583, $29.95 Cinzano Rosso Sweet Vermouth LCBO 215251, 1 L, $13.60

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