LCBO Food & Drink Holiday 2020

Wines for a lighter moment In between all the feasts and parties, life goes on; we still need more casual, all-purpose wines for everyday enjoyment. A bright, sassy white and a lightweight, versatile red are invaluable things to have around over the holidays.

Good Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais-Villages ( LCBO 122077, $15.05). From one of the great Beaujolais houses, this is a classic: light- to medium-bodied and full of fruity appeal. Close your eyes and it could be a sturdy rosé! The flavours linger on your palate—always a sign of quality. Better Château des Charmes Gamay Noir VQA ( LCBO 57349, $15.95). Gamay is one of Niagara’s great success stories and the Bosc family at Château des Charmes has taken it seriously for decades. Their cherished grapes give well-made, medium-bodied wines with real personality. Best Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Brouilly ( LCBO 213934, $19.10). Brouilly is one of the 10 “crus” of the Beaujolais region, areas that produce wines with a little more structure and fruity intensity than usual. This is still a vibrant, easy- going red with raspberry and cherry notes and good length. Gamay You can go a long way on charm. Gamay was born to be light on its feet, innocent of oak, relying on fresh flavours of red berries and cherry. Low tannins make it a useful red wine for fish; it’s also excellent with duck and charcuterie.

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Sauvignon Blanc “Sauvignon Blanc tastes like the colour green,” someone once told me. It’s true, though the “hue” can vary from crisp and grassy to rich and fruity, depending on its source.

Good Las Mulas Sauvignon Blanc Reserva Organic ( LCBO 272609, $14.95). Made from grapes grown organically in Chile’s Cen- tral Valley, this SB is great with salads and seafood and has the intensity and tangy acidity to match even fish and chips. Look for gooseberry, citrus and cut-grass aromas.

Better Yealands Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough ( LCBO 277731, $16.95). Very few white wines smell like blackcurrants but the illusion is vivid (ditto guava) in this gorgeous treat from New Zealand. The medium body is re- freshed with just enough acidity to give it a delec- tably juicy tang.

Best Henri Bourgeois Les Baronnes Sancerre ( VIN- TAGES ESSENTIALS 542548, $31.95). Concentrate for a moment and you’ll catch the layered nuances of this renowned Sancerre— gun flint, lemon rind, white flowers, green apple… Nothing obvious, but it’s all there beneath the crisp, dry first impression.



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