LCBO Food & Drink Holiday 2020

Caramelized Onion & Mushroom Soup with Pancetta Crisps Recipe on page 258

Guests spend the morning sipping on tea made from foraged stinging

nettles while sanding and shaping their boards with hand tools passed down from Schonberger’s grandfather (and modern machinery as well). Then it’s time to break for lunch—a 1.5-metre- long charcuterie board piled with meat, cheese and preserves from regional producers in Oxford and Norfolk County.    Along with our hearty recipes, add local flavours to your own board based on some of Schonberger’s favourite neighbourhood producers. • Hungarian salami, smoked garlic pepperoni sausage and capicola from Krizan Meats & Deli in Courtland • Summer sausage from Greener Pastures Eco Farm in Woodstock • Squeaky cheese curds and Tipsy, a Merlot-soaked cheese, courtesy of Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese, near Woodstock • Dill pickles and Champagne mustard sourced from Thames River Melons (Innerkip) • Blackskin peanuts from Kernal Peanuts Ltd. in Vittoria

After a walk in the woods to soak up the sights and sounds, Schonberger invites his workshop guests to choose the piece of hardwood that they’ll craft into their own live-edge charcuterie boards. His wife, Michelle, a local artist, helps the group to draw the outlines, taking the natural curves of the wood into account. Over the next few hours, each board will slowly be coaxed into shape by sanding and cutting until it’s ready for finishing.



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