LCBO Food & Drink Holiday 2020


Crust variations Experiment with your favourite cookies, about 5 to 6 oz (140 to 170 g) by weight. Grind them in a food processor or place them in a plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin. Add just enough butter to hold the crumbs together. 01 Ginger crust Gingersnaps or any crisp ginger cookies, whether store-bought or homemade, add a hint of spice. See page 228 for a Cinnamon and Ginger Cheesecake crust variation. 02 Amaretti crust Use equal parts Italian amaretti crumbs in combination with a more neutral-flavoured cookie such as vanilla wafers, digestive cookies or animal crackers. To en- hance the nutty flavour a bit further, use brown butter to combine. (When melting the butter, leave it on the heat just to the point where it takes on a nutty aroma and light brown colour.) 03 Chocolate crust Chocolate wafers, another classic. 04 Coconut crust Process ⁄ cup (60 mL) sweetened shredded coconut with the graham cracker crumbs.





FLAVOUR VARIATIONS Once you’ve mastered the basic recipe, experiment with flavours added to the batter. The following are in keeping with the cooler winter season, but possi- bilities abound all year round.

LEMON Add 1 to 2 tbsp (15 to 30 mL) finely grated lemon rind to the batter. Top each serving with a spoonful of lemon curd, either homemade or store-bought.

CHOCOLATE Add about ⁄ cup (125 mL) mini chocolate chips or finely chopped choco- late to the batter.

Easy to make ahead and so worth it! The colour is intense and stands out beautifully when drizzled over the cheese- cake. The flavour and syrupy texture might have your guests wondering how it all came together. Pomegranate or cherry juice, or a combination for that matter, can easily stand in for cranberry juice. Pomegranate seeds add the finishing touch. Cranberry drizzle Recipe on page 228

EGGNOG Tis the season so why not add a couple of table- spoons of dark rum and a pinch of freshly grated nutmeg.



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