LCBO Food & Drink Holiday 2020


Vegan love Heart-shaped nuts make for a cracking good time in this plant-based, made-in-Ontario spread with bubbly apple cider and creamy vegan cheese.

Add dried or fresh stone fruits and apricot jam to jazz up your spread.

West Avenue Cider Heritage Dry Notes of cantaloupe and rock melon accented by farm- house funk and light tannins are the hallmarks of this dry, sparkling cider ( LCBO 11172, 473 mL, $3.80) made outside of Hamilton. The nuts’ creamy texture is centred by the cider’s dry attack, making for a refreshing pairing. KW Craft Cider Nosing this dry, tart cider ( LCBO 541219, 473 mL, $3.45) from Kitchener-Waterloo is like walking through a meadow after a warm, spring rain—perfumy florals, light earthiness and wet stone. The cider’s acidity brings out the sweet, buttery notes in the heartnuts. Duxbury Cider Co Original Sideroad Dry Cider Made in the heart of Southern Ontario’s apple region, this cider ( LCBO 480707, 473 mL, $3.50) sparkles with aromas of Red Delicious apples and citrus with a dry, crisp finish. The bright, fruity notes com- plement the rich heartnut and creamy brie pairing.

Heartnuts Buttery and rich, heart- nuts are members of the walnut family. Though the trees hail from Japan, they now grow in Ontario. Eat them fresh from the shell by lightly tapping their seam to reveal the locket, a pretty heart-shaped nut at its centre. Look for freshly dried and hulled heartnuts in November from Forbes Wild Foods online. Un-Brie-Lievable Nuts for Cheese Tangy and creamy, this dense vegan brie is crafted in London, Ont.; varieties from this small-batch veg- an cheesemaker are easy to find in most grocery stores and cheese shops. Serve it cold straight from the fridge with a cheese knife so you can cut as you go.



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