LCBO Food & Drink Holiday 2020

Alternative meats Our Argentinian Short Ribs from Winter 2017 also work well with baby back pork ribs (re- member to remove the thin membrane luscious, juicy beef cheeks—the king of all braising cuts of beef. Recipe hack  Use smoked paprika instead of the recipe’s hot paprika to give a smoky outdoorsy flavour. on the back for tenderness) or


5 SMOKED PAPRIKA spice notes  This Mexican and Spanish spice has a smoky chili flavour. It does have some heat as it is made with chili peppers not red bell peppers, but it’s consider- ably less spicy than cayenne. Smoking the peppers over oak gives the unique bouquet. A Whiff of Smoke  Smoked paprika is an excellent seasoning for all types of potatoes from mashed to roast- ed to hash browns—even potato salad. That rich, smoky taste also adds extra depth to chilis, stews and soups.

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Popcorn perfection Each box of goodies from local Ontario companies is full of consumable and non-consumable products—new dis- coveries that are also perfect for gifts. Buy only when you want (no subscrip- tion needed)—save money and support the community!

Uncle Bob’s  All the specialty items featured in this article have been included in an Ontario Box at some time. The same goes for Uncle Bob’s, the brand name for top-quality, certified non-GMO kernels sold by the family-owned Ontario Popping Corn Company. Don’t know where to find or- ganic, Canadian-grown popping corn? Well, Bob’s your uncle! Spice that corn  Personalize your popcorn by using one of the spices from your pantry. Stir some sumac, smoked paprika or harissa into melted butter and toss with the hot, freshly popped corn. A bag of it makes a welcome gift—assuming you don’t first eat every kernel yourself.



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