LCBO Food & Drink Holiday 2020


Classic Bordeaux with earthy power beneath all that lovely black fruit.

Winter nights are long and cold, and rich, meaty recipes start to look ever more appealing. Load up the board with the makings of a German-inspired feast – potatoes and cheeses, pretzels with mustard, everything you need to accompany all sorts of different saucissons! And to drink? It’s a moment for big reds – wines of depth and fruity intensity with the structure to stand up to even the heartiest dishes. France produces some of the best-loved red wines in the world, from Bordeaux and Burgundy to the sun-kissed blends of the South.

With ripe black fruit flavours, here’s a rich red in a smooth contemporary style.

Félix & Lucie Cabernet- Syrah (LCBO 635920, $14.95)

Château Timberlay Bordeaux Supérieur (LCBO 30072, $17.95)

Whatever the size of the get-together you’re planning, French wines make hosting easier. So approachable and always delicious, they have something to please everyone. Visit:

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