LCBO Food & Drink Holiday 2020


Customize it Make it an Eggnog White Russian kit by including a carton or handmade bottle of the season- al beverage to replace the cream, plus fun candy-cane garnishes.

Giftables Lowball glasses, silicone king- cube or spherical ice moulds plus a bottle of heavy cream from an Ontario artisanal dairy round out this kit.

Kahlúa Coffee Flavoured Liquor LCBO 10213, $29.95 The exemplar of coffee liqueurs, this opulent Mex- ican concoction comes in sea­ sonal flavours like Salted Caramel ( LCBO 517920, 375 mL, $16.95) and Peppermint

Mocha Coffee ( LCBO 210104, 375 mL, $16.95).

Russian Standard Gold Vodka LCBO 401745, $31.85 The so-called gold- en root (Siberian ginseng) gives a subtle hit of peppery spice to the creamy, savoury mouth feel of this premium Russian vodka.

Baileys is a popular substitution for coffee liqueur.

White Russian kit Velvety and decadent from equal parts coffee liqueur, vodka and heavy cream, this luscious cocktail will be beloved by the dudes (and dudettes) on your holiday gift list.

Giftables Tart Ontario cherries make this drink holiday-worthy. Kvas Black Pepper Whisky Cherries from Niagara

( are steeped in rye. Long-stemmed Sable & Rosenfeld Whiskey Tipsy Cherries ( are among other cocktail-ready brands to pluck.



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