LCBO Food & Drink Spring 2022


Spring Cleaning

Top picks for spring Looking to try something new? Here are four beverages we’re most excited about. WHAT’S NEW

Spirits While sealed spirits last almost in­ defnitely, opened bottles start to deteriorate after a year or two. If you have any beyond that, taste for quali­ ty and plan to use them up in cocktails or cooking. Liqueurs Taste liqueurs that have been open more than one year. If they’re still fne, fnish them in cocktails or desserts. Discard any bottles whose contents have discoloured. Pay special atten­ tion to cream liqueurs, which have a best-before date. Wine Unless they were bought to age, un­ opened wines that have been kicking around for more than three years should be enjoyed soon, especially if they weren’t stored in a cool, dark place. Open bottles of vermouth and dry sherry stored at room tempera­ ture should be discarded—refrigerate them after opening next time! Garnishes Check cocktail cherries, olives and any other perishable garnishes. If in doubt, throw it out and start fresh. Display To declutter your bar, artfully arrange the best-looking bottles, tools and glassware then store the rest. Haven’t used certain glasses or barware in ages? Donate them to charity or put them out for curbside recycling. When planning your spring-cleaning routine, don’t forget the liquor cab- inet and wine rack. Here are some tips to reorganize and refresh your home bar. By Jessica Huras Tending to your bar

19 Crimes Snoop Dogg Cali Rosé

Flying Monkeys Space Age Sunshine Orange Creamsicle Quadruple IPA LCBO 24518, 473 mL, $5.25 Dazzling quadruple IPA with fve kinds of hops, orange purée and a hint of vanilla. Available now.

Campari Negroni LCBO 24096, 375 mL, $22.95 A bottled Negroni from the OG aperitivo? Yes, please! Just stir with ice and add an orange twist. Available April 2022.

Corona Tropical Cactus & Lime

LCBO 24377, 355 mL, $2.95 Thirst-quenching alco­ holic sparkling water made with real prickly pear juice and lime. Available in April.

LCBO 20624, $19.95 Fruity, refreshing, off-dry rosé from the D-O-double-G. Available now.


When: April 2 to May 1 (dates may vary slightly depending on the moon) What: The holiest month of the year for Muslims, Ramadan commemo­ rates Muhammad’s frst revelation. For the entire duration, adults (with exceptions) fast from dawn to sunset, which fosters spiritual contem­ plation and teaches self-discipline. The pre-dawn meal is called suhoor , and the evening dinner is called iftar . At the end of Ramadan, there is a three-day fete, Eid al-Fitr, to celebrate a return to normalcy. Essential dishes: In Morocco, the hearty lamb and legume soup called harira is popular at iftar , and in Iran they savour a funnel cake– type fritter called zoolbia .



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