LCBO Food & Drink Spring 2022


Ron Zacapa 23 Centenario Rum LCBO 273516, $81.40 This rum attributes much of its amazing medley of flavours and aro- mas, ranging from banana to cocoa, to its specialized sistema solera age- ing process. On top of maturing the rum at a high altitude, Zacapa uses fractional blending, combining spirits aged 6 to 23 years. Beyond leaning on classic techniques, the process adds even more depth of flavour by using spent Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso sherry barrels. Innovation with old‑world inspiration Here are a couple of luxury spirits that achieve wonderful results through a hybridization of pro- duction styles, both utilizing the unique solera system relied upon for Spanish sherry. The solera system is a process where older and younger products are periodically blended together as they mature.

Outside the box Scotch Matured in unexpected casks, these Scotches will have you cheers-ing to breaking tradition.

The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve Single Malt

Dewar’s Ilegal Smooth Mezcal Cask Finish LCBO 20785, $34.95 This limited-­ edition innovative cask series fea- tures double-aged whisky finished for 6 months in bar- rels that housed Ilegal Smooth Mezcal. The result is a delightful dram with pleas- antly sweet hints of earthy mezcal.

the Dalmore 12 Sherry Cask Select highland Single Malt LCBO 22696, $149.95 Matured in spent bourbon casks and finished in a blend of Oloroso and Pe- dro Ximénez sherry casks, this is a richly flavoured pour with elements of sherry on the nose, choc- olate and cinnamon in the sip. Scotch Whisky

West Cork Single Malt Rum Cask Finish LCBO 22667, 700 mL, $59.95 Aged first in bourbon and finished in Panamanian

Yushan Bourbon Cask Taiwanese Single Malt Whisky LCBO 22978, 700 mL, $119.95 This offering from the Yushan signa- ture range is fin- ished exclusively in ex-bourbon casks. Beloved for its del- icate nature, this single malt boasts buttery notes and a well-balanced vanilla finish.

Scotch LCBO 21309, $59.80 Finishing a

portion of this spirit in barrels that held Carib- bean rum helps in creating a smooth Scotch, while delivering exotic aromas of banana and ripe pear.

rum casks, this slightly overproof (43% ABV) single-malt Irish whiskey

has roasted cof- fee and choco- late notes.

Double-barrelled rums While rum is made all over the world, it’s hard to deny that many of the best blends come from the Caribbean islands, where production and blending are nothing short of masterful. These rums are already unique as they begin ageing in Barbados, but then go the extra mile with trips to France for a little extra downtime. Plantation Grande Reserve ( LCBO 318618, $29.95) starts out in bourbon casks before moving into French oak. Its fragrant fruit, co- conut and baking spice notes add an interesting tropical component to cocktails. Plantation XO 20 th Anniversary ( LCBO 366609, $78.95) is also double-barrelled, but spends a significantly longer time in each location. This rum boasts exceptional caramel, fruity sweetness with loads of vanilla, even chocolate and hints of coconut, while mango and spice stick around for a lovely finish.

Lobos 1707 TEQUILA REPOSADO LCBO 25141, $74.95

It begins its ageing process in Ameri- can white oak barrels, then later this reposado tequila is given the solera-­ system treatment while being aged in Pedro Ximénez wine barrels. A boldly flavoured, sherry-aged tequila that offers up pleasing spiciness mixed with hits of cocoa and coffee flavours.



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