LCBO Food & Drink Summer 2022

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Fine Cheese EVERYDAY If your cheese drawer is filled with the usual suspects, maybe it’s time add a few fine cheeses made with finesse. They’re not just for special occasions anymore. From your morning toast to a backyard barbecue, fine cheeses will elevate any meal. To get you started, we’ve paired a trio of excellent cheeses—from Woolwich Dairy and Alexis de Portneuf—with easy, refreshing cocktails. So cut yourself a piece of fine cheese, and raise a glass to summer!

Alexis de Portneuf Brise du Matin

Woolwich Dairy Marble Goat Cheddar Mild in flavour with a firm texture, this goat’s milk Cheddar is your go-to cheese in summer. It melts beautifully, so try it on your next burger, whether it’s beef or plant-based. It’s also terrific in a grilled cheese sandwich with juicy tomatoes. Pairing: Gin & Tonic – Gin’s botanicals enhance any goat’s milk cheese.

Alexis de Portneuf Le Calendos Covered in a gorgeous white rind, this double cream Camembert is smooth and velvety. To feed a crowd, bake a whole wheel as an al fresco snack with baguette crisps and grapes. Or try it for dessert, stuffed it into grilled peach halves. Pairing: Apple Martini – The acidity cuts through the richness.

This double cream Brie has a tender rind and a buttery, hazelnut flavour. It’s one of the great snacking cheeses – serve it with raspberries, roasted almonds and crusty bread. It’s also superb on summery fare, from grilled pizzas to vegetable frittatas. Pairing: New York Sour – The whisky brings out the nutty notes.

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