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Risin’ bison Saved from extinction 150 years ago, bison are thriving again thanks to hundreds of mostly small family farms across Can- ada. Always a chef’s favourite, this nutritious and eco-friendly protein is showing up at more grocery stores and butcher shops. By Dick Snyder TRENDSPOTTING

Taste Bison is rich, nutty and earthy—like high-quality beef, but less fatty. Health It’s about 25 percent lower in fat and calories than beef, and high in vitamins and minerals. Sustainability Bison roam free on grass- lands reclaimed from com- mercial grain production, and many farms are carbon- negative—meaning they sequester more carbon than they emit. Bison du Nord (, a ranch near North Bay, Ont., follows guidelines for regenerative farming, which requires a 100-year sustainable stew- ardship plan. Look for bison meat that has been certified by A Greener World.

Cook Scott Vivian, chef-owner of Beast in Toronto, says bison is “one of our most popular whole-animal dinners.” He recommends pan-frying or grilling and, as with any quality steak, seasoning simply with salt and pepper. Since bison is so lean, Vivian doesn’t recommend cooking it past medium-rare. Buy Find it at select grocers and butchers, including Loblaws, Longo’s and Woodward Meat Purveyors ( Ground bison is around $17 per pound, and strip steaks are $35 per pound. See the Canadian Bison Association ( for more details.

TRENDSPOTTING Low and behold

The trend of lower-alcohol-by-volume (ABV) drinks has now entered the spirits section. Here are two options to lighten up your summer.

18.8 Vodka LCBO 15282, $28.20

Botica Low Alcohol Gin LCBO 13736, 500 mL, $26.95 This small-batch Spanish gin has only 14.5% alcohol, about the same as red wine. It’s not the best gin for a Martini, but it’s excellent with tonic.

Distilled in Niagara Falls, Ont., for nearby Brampton-based Fluid Assets, this local spirit has less than half the alcohol of tra- ditional vodka. Try it in a vodka soda or Moscow Mule.

Light fixture WHAT’S NEW

The most beloved brand of Irish cream has em- braced its lighter side. Packaged in a bright white bottle, Baileys Deliciously Light ( LCBO 19419, $30.45) has the same richness and flavour as the original with 40 percent less sugar and fewer calories. Add a splash to your weekend iced coffee, or pour it over ice cream for an adult sundae.



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