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Wine Tasting 101 One of the best parts of visiting Wine Country Ontario is the tasting experience. Every winery is unique but here are a few guidelines to get the most of any tasting experience. And remember there are no “wrong” answers – tasting is subjective and a lot of fun!

Wine Aromas: Fruity, Floral, Herbal, Spicy, Mineral, Sweet Tannin:

The astringency or “chewiness” of the wine that comes from grape skins and/or oak barrels. Sweetness and Acidity: Natural to the grapes – acidity gives freshness and balances any sweetness.

Be sure to book your reservation prior to visiting the winery


Hold your glass up to the light and note the colour of the wine, for hints about the grape variety, age or vintage. Gently swirl the wine to release the aromas, and see how it coats the glass. Stick your nose in the glass and take it all in. Think about the aromas you smell – from berries, to spice, to mineral notes. Let the wine contact every part of your tongue to maximize the experience. Is it sweet or dry? Light or full-bodied? What flavours can you identify? (or spit) – Take a few moments to reflect and enjoy. How does the wine “finish” – is it easily approachable or more complex? Remember that spitting isn’t considered rude, and most wineries have spittoons for this purpose.




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