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Mango Lessons Whether you like but tery Ataulfo or aromatic Sindhri, spring is the season to enjoy the best mangoes from all over the world. Since you often have to commit to a box to get the good stuff, check the F&D Archives for ways to use them up in good time. For a five-ingredient, no-cook appetizer, try Cool Mango Coconut Soup . Our spicy, zesty Mango Salsa is terrific with many proteins off the grill, including fish, chicken and pork. And for dessert, check out the easy, yogurt-based Mango Mousse (right) served with sesame wonton crisps.


It’s easy to get supersized into buying more ketchup than you could possibly need for the summer. Fortunately, it has many uses beyond topping burgers and dogs. Since it’s sweet, sour and savoury, ketchup is considered culinary duct tape—just a squirt will boost everything from tomato sauce to stir-fries. It can be the base of cocktail sauce, as in our Shrimp Cocktail with Spicy Caesar Sauce , and if you want to use it up in quantity, make a batch of smoky Chipotle Barbecue Sauce . Find these recipes at

Find these recipes at fdearlysummer24

ENTERTAINING GLASS ACT With the arrival of lighter, fresher summer drinks, perhaps it’s time to level up your glassware (or plastic!) game, too. Try these trendy options. –CR

YES, YOU CAN Can you guess what fits perfectly in this glass? A standard 473-mL beer, cider or ready-to drink cocktail, or a smaller can on ice. They also come in plastic, for safer alfresco sipping. Beer Can Glass , $5.95,

HAVING A BALL Spotted at molecular cocktail bars, these glass spheres can bring cool snow-globe magic to summer serves. Amp up the visuals with pomegranate seeds, edible flower petals or herb leaves. USEEKRIL Spherical Crystal Ball Cocktail Glass , $22.35, HIP TO BE SQUARE The “square” coupe has officially surpassed curvier stemware as the cocktail vessel of choice. Serve summery “up-rocks” drinks by nestling a king cube or half-sphere of ice in the glass. Retro Fizzio Coupe , $11.00,

SUMMER SHADES In hues evoking summer sky and sunset, these durable plastic glasses are ideal for any drink up to 19.5 oz. Hand-washing is recommended. Glassware Set of 4 ( LCBO 38287, $ 1 9.95 ).


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