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This recipe also works perfectly well with a brut rosé cava or a Prosecco Rosé if there’s no Lambrusco on hand.

Lambrosa With its easy formula of fresh OJ and Champagne, the classic Mimosa is a brunch staple for a reason. That doesn’t mean we can’t play around with it and bring it up to speed with current trends, like this tweaked version that calls for Lambrusco instead of the usual French bubbles. Lambrusco, an Italian sparkling red that’s traditionally served chilled, comes in several styles—some are sweeter, lighter-coloured or fizzier than others, but they’re all great when mixed with a little juice and soda.

4 oz chilled Lambrusco wine 3 oz chilled fresh orange juice 1 oz chilled soda water 1/2 a small orange for garnish

1. Chill all ingredients, as well as a glass, in the refrigerator for 2 hours, so that everything is nice and cool. 2. Add Lambrusco, orange juice and soda water to a chilled glass. Garnish with half of a small orange like a tan gerine or clementine.

Makes 1 drink

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