LCBO Food & Drink Holiday 2023


Yum Yum Cocktail

Tom Yum is a Thai soup, served hot or cold, packed with flavours like lemongrass, ginger, lime, fish sauce and chili; creamy versions contain coconut milk. President’s Choice makes an excellent Tetra Pak version; Campbell’s Thai Chicken Broth is also suitable. The bright, vegetal notes of tequila or mezcal make each flavour pop. 5 oz Tom Yum or Thai soup base 2 oz Thai Herbed Syrup (recipe p. 247) 1 oz mezcal or blanco tequila Thai red chili and herb leaves (such as Thai basil or mint) for garnish FOR A WARM COCKTAIL: 1. Heat Tom Yum soup in a microwave-safe container or small pot until steaming. Add herbed syrup and whisk by hand, or using a milk foamer or immer sion blender, until thoroughly combined. Add tequila or mezcal and stir. 2. To serve, pour into a heatproof serving glass or mug and garnish with a Thai chili and herbs. FOR A COLD COCKTAIL: 1. Add soup and tequila or mezcal to a lowball glass, stir to combine, and fill with crushed ice. Pour 2 oz Thai Herbed Syrup into glass and garnish with Thai chili and herbs.

Makes 1 cocktail

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