LCBO Food & Drink Spring 2022


You bought fish sauce to make Pad Thai, and now the bottle is languishing in the pantry. While the Asian seasoning never really seems to go bad, the colour dark- ens, and the flavour concentrates over time, so it’s best enjoyed within a year of opening. Beyond Southeast Asian cuisine, the liquid umami can do wonders for tomato sauce, stir-fries, Caesar dressing and any vegetable in the brassica family. Even a few drops can noticeably sharpen vegetable soups. Remember to dash fish sauce judiciously: the window between tasty and fishy is small. Hooked on fish sauce PANTRY RESCUE

TRADITIONS Passover When: April 15 to 23

What: An important eight- day Jewish holiday to com- memorate the biblical story of Exodus, when the Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt. During this period, no grain products or leavened baked goods (called chametz ) are allowed except for mat- zoh, a specially made flour- and-water cracker. Seders— festive family gatherings with prayers, songs, rituals, food and wine—are held on the first two nights. Essential dishes: Matzoh ball soup, gefilte fish (poached fish dumplings), matzoh brei (French toast-ish dish made with matzoh instead of bread).


As winter melts into spring, it’s time to consider transitioning from red wines to white. That means drinking local, as Niagara consistently produces excellent options priced for everyday enjoyment. While it’s still on the chilly side, crack a bottle of the fresh, subtly oaked Malivoire Estate Grown Chardonnay VQA (VINTAGES ESSENTIALS 573147, $19.95) with baked salmon or roast chicken. Off-dry Flat Rock Riesling VQA (VINTAGES ESSENTIALS 43281, $17.95) has incredible sweet-sour tension and would be terrific with a charcuterie board. And when it finally becomes T-shirt weather, enjoy the crisp, citrusy Creekside Sauvignon Blanc VQA (LCBO 620724, $15.95) with the first veggies of spring. Local whites for spring SEASONAL SIPS



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