LCBO Food & Drink Early Summer 2024


Shaking gin cocktails can dissipate delicate

botanicals, so try stirring instead.

Shades of Negroni The classic cocktail is bright red, but these gins help create a rainbow of Negronis, with the same refreshingly sweet-bitter balance of the original drink. Take the iconic recipe (1 oz each of gin, sweet red vermouth and a bitter red spirit stirred with ice until well-chilled, garnished with citrus) and substitute one of the gins below, Martini Bianco Vermouth ( LCBO 218040, 1 L, $17.95 ) and the suggested mixers to give these summery Negronis both bright colour and flavour.

ORANGE NEGRONI Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla ( LCBO 573956, $34.50 ) plus bianco vermouth and orange liqueur (preferably Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao, LCBO 23057, $42.55 ) creates a Negroni with a juicy citrus hue and flavour. YELLOW NEGRONI Ungava Gin ( LCBO 374231, $38.95 ) with bianco vermouth and Ontario-made Affino Aperitivo (LCBO 17666, $27.95 ) creates a golden, summery Negroni.

PINK NEGRONI Already renowned for its colour changing indigo gin, Empress 1908 has a colourful new hit: Elderflower Rose Gin ( LCBO 36440, $53.95 ), with a gorgeous garnet hue and delicate floral notes. Negroni-ize it with bianco vermouth and Lillet Blanc ( LCBO 322297, $25.9 5) for a lovely pink drink. BLUE NEGRONI Dixon’s Wicked Blueberry Gin ( LCBO 16859, $42.95 ) plus bianco vermouth and Lillet Blanc creates a Negroni with water-and-sky vibes.

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