LCBO Food & Drink Spring 2023


Trendspotting A roundup of what we’re into this season.

Dandelion 101 While they’re the scourge of lawn lovers everywhere, dandelions have re-emerged as a food trend lately, thanks to health-conscious TikTokers. Packed with nutrients and offering many other purported health benefits, the plant and all its parts are now being used in everything from herbal teas to cocktail bitters. FLOWERS Since dandelion flowers are tricky to harvest and dry, they are rarely used commercially. There are, however, a few ways dedicated foragers can use fresh dandelion flowers at home. They can be steeped in hot water with lemon and honey for tea, or used to make a mead-like wine with citrus fruit, raisins and sugar. LEAVES Spiky dandelion leaves are ferociously bitter, but they can still be enjoyed raw in salads mixed with sweeter lettuces. More commonly, they’re cooked, either boiled and dressed with olive oil and lemon, or sautéed with bacon. The leaves are also dried and used in tea. Try Herbaria Dandelion Leaves 25 Tea Bags ($3.99, prized part of the plant. Roasted and ground, they make a popular caffeine-free coffee substitute— try Dandy Blend Instant Herbal Beverage with Dandelion (200 g, $24.95, The rich flavour also works well in cocktail bitters like Rootside Roasted Dandelion Bitters (148 mL, $25, ROOTS Dandelion roots are the most

NEW BREWS As we say goodbye to wintery ales and heavy

stouts, we say hello to dozens of new and interesting local beers hitting the LCBO shelves this spring. From a classic wheat beer, to a fruity sour, to a New England-style IPA, here are three we’re especially excited about.

Muddy York Haberdasher Hefeweizen LCBO 32042, 473 mL, $3.35 A German-style wheat beer that offers up classic aromas and flavours of banana, clove and a touch of honey.

Rum Diary An essential bottle in every rum aficionado’s cabinet, Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaican Rum (LCBO 402834, $49.95) is one of the boldest spirits on the planet. It has funky flavours and navy strength (57%ABV), so a little goes a long way. Try it in tropical drinks that call for a small measure of Jamaican rum.

Prince Eddy’s Moon Patrol Guava Gose LCBO 31561, 355 mL, $3.95 Pouring an opaque orange-pink, this tropical sour refresher has the

added benefit of being only 3.5% ABV.

FRENCH PRESS If you like French wine and care about the environment, then check out Gérard Bertrand. The Languedoc winery is strongly invested in sustainability practices, and many of its wines are organic, biodynamic and/or bee-friendly. Working with CAB (Conversion en Agriculture Biologique), the winery is committed to making the jump from traditional to organic viticulture, which will help preserve the biodiversity of its vineyards and produce terroir-driven wines.

Walkerville Electric Haze Juicy IPA LCBO 32046, 473 mL, $3.95 Living up to its name, this hazy, New England–style IPA delivers bright citrus flavours with balanced bitterness.

Change Cabernet Sauvignon Organic LCBO 30349, $15.95


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